C.I.Y.stands for "Christ in you." The phrase is found in Col. 1:26,27: "This is the mystery...Christ in you, the hope of glory." It is also found in II Corinthians 13:5: "Do you not recognize that Jesus Christ is in you...?"

C.I.Y. Ministries is a teaching ministry dedicated to explaining to the Christian community the full implications of the reality of the dynamic of the life of the risen Lord Jesus within the Christian.

Jim Fowler is the founder and president of C.I.Y. Ministries.



 Information About Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler has been a pastor at the Neighborhood Church in Fallbrook, California for the last twenty-three years. His wife, Gracie, and their five children, Philip, Charis, Kirsten, Sarah and Sandi have been very supportive in Jim's teaching, preaching and writing ministries.

Jim's educational background includes Manhattan Christian College, Friends University, New College-University of Edinburgh, Bethel Theological Seminary, Palomar College, and Jubilee Theological Institute.

In recent years Jim has spent much of his time writing, as can be viewed within the resources of this site. He is currently researching and writing several other articles and books.

Jim has travelled extensively in his teaching ministry throughout the United States and in other countries such as India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, England, Canada, Germany, Kenya, and the Philippines. He remains available for teaching ministry. Feel free to contact him at jimfowler@christinyou.net